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My name is Connor Bugni and I am originally from Everett, Washington. I recently graduated from the MSF program at the prestigious Eller College of Management, and I am exploring analyst opportunities in IB. I am chiefly focused on roles based in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Seattle, but I am open to all geographies, and even hope to work internationally at some point in the future. My relevant experience includes a comprehensive academic background in finance, as well as participating in various finance-oriented clubs and programs at the University of Arizona, and an internship with Northwest Asset Management during the Summer of 2023.

My Story

Growing up in the blue-collar town of Everett, Washington, I quickly understood the value of hard work and the importance of paying one's dues in the pursuit of personal success. My formative years were marked by a relentless pursuit of opportunities to learn as much as possible and earn a livelihood, simultaneously affording me a profound understanding of wealth generation and a clear delineation of career paths I wished to pursue.


During my high school years, I assumed the role of Finance Chair within the Assistance League, a non-profit organization. This position provided me with a firsthand view of the hardships endured by many young individuals in my community. It was during this time that I developed an enduring passion for volunteerism and financial management and investments, driven by a strong desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those who had influenced my own.


With an unwavering goal of pursuing higher education in finance, I embarked on a quest to identify public universities renowned for their business programs. My aspiration to explore opportunities beyond my home state of Washington led me to the enchanting Southwest, where the University of Arizona's Eller College of Management captured my heart. My first visit to the campus, in the summer preceding my freshman year, solidified my conviction that this institution was the ideal choice for my academic journey.


Despite my deep attachment to campus life, I made the deliberate decision to broaden my horizons through a study abroad program prior to commencing my upper-division coursework at Eller. With a longstanding proficiency in the French language, it was a natural choice for me to immerse myself in the culture of France during my European sojourn. Those months abroad were unequivocally the most transformative experiences of my life, profoundly shaping my character and broadening my perspective. I firmly believe that every student should embark on such a transformative journey, as it instills invaluable life skills and personal growth.


Today, I am a dedicated full-time student pursuing my Master of Science in Finance while simultaneously balancing a part-time job. My academic journey is driven by a relentless exploration of potential career avenues and meticulous planning for my future. In those rare moments of respite, I indulge in a variety of hobbies, including undertaking educational programming projects with Python, leisurely reading, culinary adventures in the kitchen, invigorating hikes in nature, and cherished quality time with friends. Above all, I hold steadfast to the belief that excellence should permeate every aspect of life, no matter how seemingly insignificant. I firmly adhere to the principle that our endeavors in life are a reflection of our dedication and effort, motivating me to consistently put forth my best and work with unwavering determination. I am genuinely appreciative of the present and eagerly anticipate the opportunities the future holds.

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